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Good evening

It’s Inoue Rikako*

Today after a long time
I went to disturb dentist-san(*^^*)

Coming to disturb someone sounds strange huh、haha

It’s because when I was going through the entrance of Dentist-san place…

I said

I’m sorry for disturbing(*ノ▽ノ) lol

It’s a lie though。lol

I went in with a Poker Face
And went out with a Poker Face󾍃

I’m wondering if they think I’m sort of a scary person…haha

I didn’t laugh、I didn’t talk、
I didn’t jump around


‘I shouldn’t dance here!’

I entered the hospital silently。

Because I couldn’t dance in Dentist-san’s place
I went to a place where I can dance
And then I sang there。

I said I couldn’t dance…lol

But I said actually I couldn’t sing…lol

Whichever is fine(°▽°)

Because I’m talking about this and that and ended mixing it up
I went to opthamology((o(^∇^)o))

I didn’t mixed things up while talking though、

It’s because I’m alone right、

I’m not lonely
If it’s the case I would be a pathetic person○o。.

This isn’t what I want to talk about

I went to get contact for the first time!

Recently I’ve been told about contact often
I mistook it a lot of time。lol

When I going to buy eyedrop I talked to the shop assistant
Me「Where is the contacts?」

Shop assitant「…contact?」

Me「yes、I don’t really know if I’m only buying contact though」

Shop assistant「contact…?」

Both of us「ah, eyedrop that we use for contact!that’s what you meant right?!lol」


It was like that(*´-`)

I am sorry for the troublem(__)m lol

Until now my eyesight isn’t that good and yet
I haven’t gone to get it。

No、I want to get it but
I couldn’t 


But I’m thinking
The tour is going to start soon
If it’s like this
I would not be able to
See the faces of those who are coming clearly(@ ̄□ ̄@;)!

I want to see everyone’s face󾬚

To those whose feelings i have hurt
I am very very sorry。

Those who said they got goosebumps、

Shut up。haha

This week I will see everyone’s face clearly
From the stage in Okinawa(^^)v

It’s the stage near the sea♪

I’m looking foward to it*

Okay then I’m going to go ans have fitting for that event in Okinawa。

See you*



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Anonymous sent: what kind of halls did vf reserve for fairies live tour? are they big? small? i'm worried it won't go well....


The first two concerts will be in AiiA Tokyo Theater.

The third one will be in Nagoya’s Daimond Hall

The last one wil be in Osaka’s Nanba Hatch

Anonymous sent: I don't wanna compare but why do J=J singles chart better than Fairies even though Fairies debuted first? Is it because people hates VF unfairness? .____.


Some groups can easily sell just because they’re from a family with a solid fanbase (h!p, je, 48g and even ldh). VF doesn’t have that. Fairies are basically alone. (TGS too). j=j can easily gain fans when they perform with their seniors who are the same age as them. Fairies can’t because they’re from an agency that doesn’t focus on girl groups and Fairies is the only young vf girlgroup.

Anonymous sent: Hey, what is "The Music Day Ongaku no Chikara" is it a big music event or show?


very big to the point that i almost cried when フェアリーズ was added to the line-up.

it’s a special music program with a specific theme. This year’s theme is “famous piece of music that gives power to Japanese people”. The only girl groups in the line-up are the 48g, Perfume, E-girls and Fairies. 

Anonymous sent: I've to say I'm very disappointed about both M3's and Momoka's covers. M3's 3 covers with white BG look so low cost but other 2 seem ok while Momoka's look quite complicated with that 4 different style.

Anonymous sent: Momoka's PV is just so good I'm in love with it.