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[ Sora’s tweet on 2014/07/31 ]

• Q: what’s your favorite fruit??

A: Watermelon!♡

• Q: what ice cream flavour do you like?

A: green tea♡

• Q: are you wearing nail-art now(=゚ω゚)ノ♡

A: right now I’m not though but I’m thinking of doing it! Jewel nails! If I had it done I will tweet the pic okay〜。!

• Q: what do you think about Mthree’s song?

A: it’s really really cute♡
I love it!♡

• Q: does Sora-chan swim?

A: Sora-chan swims 25m. Somehow.

• Q: is there anything you specifically do before event or concert?

A: I don’t do it like just before LIVE but a few days before LIVE I watch various artists’ LIVE DVD to increase my motivation!

• Q: I want to hear about your Tour target!

A: I want it to become the best memory of this summer、I will make it the best LIVEー!

• Q: what’s something you always do before sleeping?

A: stretching〜。

• Q: what did you do on the free time in Los Angeles?

A: because I barely have free time, I desperately run around to buy souvenirs (lol)

• Q: Do you use Yukata this year??
A: I don’t…(°_°)
I want to…(°_°)

• Q: which Idol do you like?
 A: I like DenpaGumi inc.-san and Juice=Juice-san!  And even though they already disbanded, I love BiS-san!
[ Mahiro’s tweets on 25/07/14 ]
• Q: what do you want to this summer?
A: I wonder what~。(*´・ω・)
I want to do things like BBQ and going to beach

• Q: Did you do fireworks?(*^^*)
A: I didn’t 。。。
I want to(*´∀`*)

• Q: recently it seems like Mahiro wears skirt a lot😊💕

A: Really??
I think recently I wear one-piece a lot。。。(haha)

• Q: what is your most favorite school event?💓

A:I kinda like the sport festival。(haha)
Our class’ strength as an unity is really great。(* ̄ω ̄*)

• Q: when I went to the festival there was tomato candy😳😳 haha
Did you know?

A: eh!? Tomato candy!? What’s that(゚д゚)!
It sounds delicious!

• Q: does anyone call you ‘Mahi-chan’ at school?

A: they call me Mahiro!!!(* ̄ω ̄*)

• Q: Do you prefer long distance running or short distance?

A: short distance!!!
I’m not good at the long distance(´・ω・`)

• Q: Do you have any nickname?

A: Mapiro, Mapi, Mahiron, Mahipero, Mahi-chan, etc…(* ̄ω ̄*)

•  Q: Do you still like bears now?🐻

A: I looove bears♡♡

• Q: Mahiroーーー♡
What application are you using when you take pictures?♡

A: Yes♡
I’m using Camera360( ❛ᴗ❛ ( ❛ᴗ❛ ♡
Good evening~

Today、30th July

Mthree’s second single, Your Love, was released~!!

Has everyone got it already??

Your love is a very cute and cheerful pop song

It became the soundtrack of Jewel Pet anime

The MV has a cute atmosphere, don’t you thinkMV~?

It’s been a year and a half?? Since Mthree’s debut

I’m really happy because I can be active again as Mthree again、 release CD and stand infront of everyone

Thank you♪♪

Please get it for those who hasn’t

And listen to it a lot okay?

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow we will be doing release event~

Tomorrow in Toressa Yokohama
The day after tomorrow is in Queen’s Square Yokohama

It’s weekdays though…
But please come and play with us 

I will be waiting!

And then and then!
Today、on the 30th of july and on the 1st of august

Mthree will be performing in Music Girl SP live streaming

And by the way, today we will be performing at 21:00♪♪

Please look foward to it~

Everyone、please watch it(^.^)


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